How to join our club


Registering your interest

Having arrived at this page we hope you are interested in applying for a membership to our club. You may have a friend or neighbour who are members already, if so the best way to join is for them to introduce you to the club. They can sign you in as a guest helping you to get a feel for club and if you are still interested in joining then please collect an application form from the door man or ask at the bar.

Application Form

When you submit your application form there is a joining fee of just a £1 and you are required to find a proposer and a seconder to support your application. Once the application form is completed hand it in behind the bar or to a doorman and it will be taken upstairs.

Becoming a Member

If you are accepted then your name will be placed on the notice board in the club. You will be invited to appear in person to pay your membership fee on the last Friday of the month you applied, between the hours of 7:30pm - 8:30pm. The yearly membership fee is £5. Once this has been paid you will receive a membership book and receipt of membership allowing you access into the club throughout the year.